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Ala and Eddie - Elopement wedding photography, Killin, Scotland


Ala and Eddie - Elopement wedding photography, Killin, Scotland

In July this year, I had the great pleasure of photographing Ala and Eddie's wonderful wedding that took place at the ruins of Finlarig Castle in the Scottish Highlands.
Killin is a town located in the Scottish higlands approximately 60 miles from Glasgow. The town has an amazing atmosphere with beautiful waterfalls, views of the Scottish highlands and the ruins of Finlarig Castle. It was at these ruins that Alaand Eddie said yes.

Great wedding venue - The Bridge of Lochay

Ala and Eddie stayed at the hotelunThe Bridge of Lochal where their wedding preparations and reception took place. This place is very charming because it is in a rustic style and the whole hotel is for guests. There is an amazing homely atmosphere in it.
The property is situated by the river which gives the place a charm.
Ala and Eddie are a couple of artists and it outweighed the fact that they decided to prepare a lot of things for their wedding on their own. Every detail of their wedding was individually selected by them.
Ala's wedding dress was very modest but handmade, you don't even realize how perfectly it suited Ala and was her style. Another detail was the shoes purchased at The Hippie Shake store. The tall white boots embroidered with colorful hippie-style flowers really were WOW.

Wedding elopement at the ruins of Finlarig Castle

The wedding ceremony took place in the fairy-tale place of the ruins of Finlarig Castle. The ruins are located approximately 10 minutes from The Bridge of Lochay. We have a beautiful green forest around. It is the perfect place for a fairytale wedding. Ala and Eddie made sure there was a fantastic atmosphere at the ceremony as well, and that's what happened. Ala comes from Poland, so this wedding was very important to me because it had a lot of Polish accents. I am very happy that I could be at such a wonderful wedding in such a wonderful place.
After the wedding ceremony we decided to stay alone - Ala, Eddie and I to use the potential of the castle and do a short elopement session. Of course, it was not the most important session of the day because I was waiting for a golden hour and speciall place in the Scottish Highlands that I had chosen while going to Ali and Eddie's wedding.

Elopement  wedding photo session - Glen Ogle Viaduct

After a great day with the family at The Bridge of Lochay, Ala and Eddie went to the golden hour photo shoot. Our target was Glen Ogle Viaduct which is about 12 minutes drive from Killin. This viaduct is located at the foot of the mountain which fits perfectly with the Scottish highlands. The session was fantastic. Perfect light, views and my fantastic couple allowed me to capture their wonderful wedding day as best I could and I am really happy with the results.
If you are looking for the perfect place for an elopement wedding,  I think that Finlargin Castle and Glen Ogle Viaduct are the place for you, they are places little known on the map of Scotland, which allows you to be one step ahead of the others.


Ala and Eddie - Elopement wedding photography, Killin, Scotland