Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

My world

Hi. Yes that’s me Paul - Paul Budzinski wedding photographer -destination scottish wedding photographer based in Glasgow, Edinburgh covering Scotland and beyond. I'm an ordinary guy with two cameras. I'm a husband and a father of two wonderful children! My wife, Dominika, is a wonderful person who inspires, motivates and criticizes me. There are really two of us, she is the invisible page but she makes a big contribution to my passion. If it wasn't for her I would probably not write this text and would not love what I do so much.

Thanks to her I love photographing this important day of each couple. When I start my work in every place in the world I move in time to the day of my own wedding. I remember very well how important this day was for me and Dominika. It was full of emotions, tears and people around us. It has been ten years since the day of our wedding and the day when I decided what I wanted to do in life – wedding photographer.

Despite the changing fashion and trends from day to day I love my work more and more and every day my head is filled with new ideas. Yes wedding photographer is best job. It is not the camera that takes pictures, it is only a tool in my hands :) Real pictures are created when there are emotions and joy... leave the rest to me...