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Stunning Elopement Photo Session at Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland


Stunning Elopement Photo Session at Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland

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Scotland's Best Photography Locations

As a wedding photographer based in Scotland, I have a long list of stunning locations that I dream of shooting at. From the Isle of Skye to the Highlands, Glen Coe, Glen Etive, Mull Island, and the breathtaking Route 500, there are so many breathtaking places in Scotland that make it a top destination for photographers.

Arbroath Cliffs: A Must-Visit Photography Spot

One place that has been on my list for a while is the Arbroath Cliffs. I've always dreamed of capturing a couple's special moments at this location, and especially imagined shooting with a model in a red dress against the reddish brown cliffs.

Trusting My Vision

When I met with Joanna and Tomasz for coffee to discuss their elopement photo session, I was thrilled to find that Joanna was open to all of my ideas, including the red dress.

A Bit of Luck Goes a Long Way

We arrived at the Arbroath Cliffs just in time for the golden hour, which is the perfect time for photography. As we made our way to the main parking lot, we realized that it would take us about an hour to walk to the best vantage point. So, we decided to drive around the side streets and see if we could find a quicker route.

By pure luck, we stumbled upon a farm whose property bordered the cliffs. The workers there graciously allowed us to drive through their land between the greenhouses and even offered to show us the way. They took us to an incredible spot on the cliff where we were able to park the car.



Stunning Elopement Photo Session at Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland