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Elopement photo session in Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland


Elopement photo session in Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland

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Ever heard of the cliffs at Arbroath? I waited a long time to go there, despite the fact that the place is located only 2 hours from Glasgow.

Amazing places for photography in Scotland

As a wedding photographer, I have a long list of places I would like to visit for a photo shoot. Well, it's all because I live here. For me, Scotland is one of the most attractive countries in the world for photographers. Scotland is famous for places such as Skye of Island (which I'm going to shortly), Highlands, Glen Coe, Glen Etive, Mull Island and the amazing Route500, etc. A really long list.

Spectacular Scottish Cliffs and a red dress

Our choice was Klify w Arbroath. This place was on my list of photo places. For a long time, I dreamed of taking pictures there of a couple and in particular, I had a model in front of my eyes who would wear a red dress.

My sister visited this place some time ago, when she was boasting about photos, I noticed the color of the cliffs. It was brownish red. I knew right away that I had to photograph a red dress there one day and that's what happened.

Joanna is a model open to all ideas.

We met with Joanna and Tomasz for coffee to discuss the details of the session.

Joanna trusted me with 100% and therefore agreed to the red dress without any resistance.

Lucky photographer

As a man and photographer, I am lucky. My wife always tells me that, and this time nothing has changed. We went to Arbroath for the golden hour as it is the best time for photography for me. When we got to Arbroath to the main parking lot, it turned out that we would walk to the best vantage point for about one hour. We decided to drive the car around the side streets and find some other solution, because the time to sunset was approaching inexorably.

We accidentally came across a farm with a few workers. It turned out that their farm borders on the cliffs. That is why they allowed us to drive through their area between the greenhouses without any problems and, best of all, they got into the car themselves and showed us the way. They took us to an amazing place where I missed words and we parked the car right on the cliff. That's how I felt lucky again!

Pictures during sunset - Golden hour

Then things went smoothly. A beautiful view, the ebb of the sea, the golden hour and the hot steam of Joanna and Tomasz gave me really good material. The red dress that I proposed to Joanna perfectly matched the red rocks and the sunset. Nothing more nothing less.

My first photo session Nikon Z6 II

Finally, before you see this fantastic couple posing in front of my lens, I just wanted to say that all the photos were taken with the new Nikon Z6 II camera whose short review I have added here.

I was right. Nikon Z6 II is a fantastic camera, new technology wins and its OLED viewfinder gives us great opportunities. This was the first time I was able to use ISO8000 and I had no problems with noise in photos. Eye detection turned out to be a great auto focus.

I leave the rest for you to evaluate.



Elopement photo session in Arbroath Cliffs, Scotland