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Wedding at Glasgow Botanic Gardens - Photo Session at Kibble Palace


Wedding at Glasgow Botanic Gardens - Photo Session at Kibble Palace

Mahri and Atajan are a wonderful couple that I met just two weeks before their wedding. During our meeting, we agreed on a few details and I immediately knew it would be a fantastic wedding. Kibble Palace at Glasgow Botanic Gardens is a magical place and at the same time a dream of many photographers to photograph their couple there on their big day.
I was fortunate to have this opportunity. I would add that to perform a wedding photo session at the Botanic Gardens, you need to purchase permission.

Mahri and Atajan's wedding took place on a Friday, but we decided to do the wedding session at the Botanic Gardens before the actual wedding ceremony. The weather was beautiful and the light streaming through the glass roof of Kibble Palace beautifully illuminated my couple.
I felt like I was in an exotic country at the Botanic Gardens and that's what I wanted to show in the pictures. Lots of greenery, amazing light, and a fantastic couple - these three factors played the most important role during this session.

A Touching Wedding Ceremony

At Kibble Palace, we didn't have much time for photography because the wedding ceremony was scheduled for 3:30 pm in Glasgow city center and we had to navigate through traffic to get there, but over an hour of time was enough for a dreamy session with Mahri and Atajan (I know she was a dream for them because I received feedback from them).
The ceremony was held at the Glasgow register office and was very touching.
After the ceremony, we also went for some great photos at George Square and the surrounding area. The photos at George Square during golden hour were really impressive.

Dinner and Cake Cutting at Browns Restaurant

After the session in Glasgow, we went to Browns Restaurant located on George Square. The light was beautiful there. I decided to use it during a piano session.
At the end of the day, Atajan and Mahri invited me to dinner. We spent this time in a really nice atmosphere.
Would you like to see photos from my first wedding in 2022? I invite you to take a look.


Wedding at Glasgow Botanic Gardens - Photo Session at Kibble Palace