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Nikon Z6 II Review - Glasgow photographer


Nikon Z6II - Review

In today's blog, there will be more technical information, dilemmas and my personal insights from a wedding photographer's point of view.

This post is directed mainly to my clients and not to professional photographers who have their reasons and observations. I will not describe in detail the entire specification of the camera, but I will explain in the simplest way why I, as a wedding photographer, change the system from a DSLR camera to mirror less.

What is a mirrorless camera?

Well, what is this a mirrorless camera? Probably not one of my clients has heard this word more than once and the camera looks almost like any other camera.

In this case, technology wins, as always in these times).

So, a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera what we see in the viewfinder is a reflection of the mirror inside the camera. When the shutter button is pressed, the mirror folds up and the image falls into the matrix. Then we hear a specific sound for each camera, which is folding the mirror.

However, in the mirror less camera, when we look in the viewfinder, we have an OELD display, thanks to which we have a live photo preview, so we can see how our photo will look live.

Well, you are wondering why is this so important to a wedding photographer? I chose a mirrorless camera for three reasons.

Silent shutter

First, "Silent Shutter". It's very important to me. Very often during the wedding ceremony, when all the guests have focused on the young couple and their oaths, there is silence in the hall and everyone listens to their words. Unfortunately, at this point you can hear my camera working, and more specifically the sound of the folding mirror. In the mirrorless camera, I turn on the "Silent shutter" mode and the camera does not make any sound, so no one knows when I am shooting. All thanks to new technology.

Eye-Detection AF

Fantastic feature, very helpful. Auto Focus automatically detects the model's eye and follows. This feature makes 95% of the photos sharp. This function is very important in wedding photography, because the camera looks for a model itself and I can focus on creative photography.


I am a wedding photographer in Scotland and this country is famous for its rainy variable weather. The Nikon Z6 II is the perfect camera for harsh weather conditions. It is very well secured and sealed. When completing my photographic set, I took this into account. The lens I have attached to my camera is the Tamron SP 35mm 1.4. It is also a waterproof lens. The combination of Tamron and Nikon Z6II gives me a really solid, waterproof equipment. So, if you are looking for an elopement photographer, don't worry, my equipment will do the trick despite the rain.


Below are some sample photos taken 1 hour after unpacking the box.

Nikon Z6II  03

Nikon Z6II  08

Nikon Z6II  02

Nikon Z6II  04

Nikon Z6II  09

Nikon Z6II  06

Nikon Z6II  05

Nikon Z6II  10

Nikon Z6II  11

Nikon Z6II  12

Nikon Z6 II Review - Glasgow photographer