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Wedding at Airth Castle



Wedding photography Airth Castle

Despite lockdown, not all couples change their plans. On October 31st, Stephanie and Darran's fantastic wedding took place at Airth Castel near Falkirk.

Amazing place full of secrets is the perfect place for a wedding photographer. The date October 31 stimulates our imagination.

Wedding session despite restrictions

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the wedding was held with only 20 guests present. Despite this, from the very morning you could feel the atmosphere of the wedding.

The preparations of the bride with the bride team and champagne as well as the preparations of the groom with a Budweisser cardboard box will remain in my memory for a long time. It was very fun.

Short history of Airth Castle

According to an account attributed to Blind Harry, in 1298 William Wallace attacked a previous wooden fortification on this site to rescue his imprisoned uncle, a priest from Dunipace. A later castle was destroyed after the defeat of King James III at Sauchieburn in 1488. The southwest tower is the earliest part, dating to the period immediately thereafter. An extension was added on the east side in the mid 16th century. Airth Castle was owned by the Bruces, Jacobite sympathizers who were forced to sell after the failure of the 1715 rebellion.

Photos of the wedding in castle

Victorian-style room, beautiful light gave me a lot of opportunities for photography. One of the prettiest wedding castles I have visited in Scotland as a wedding photographer.

While waiting for the wedding ceremony, I met a great friend - Cooper the Scottish Chow-Chow. Yes, this great dog spice up the photos of Stephanie and Darran a lot and even posed like a real champion.

Taking pictures of speeches and the first dance

I have very nice memories of that day. The speeches of the groom, the father of the bride  and best friend were touching and very happy at the same time. There were small gifts for wedding guests and with them a lot of emotions.

Unfortunately, due to covid-19, the dance hall was not available, but Stephanie and Darran had their first dance anyway.


Do you want to see what it was like? I invite you to watch the wedding at Airth Castle.



Wedding at Airth Castle