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Destination Wedding at Majatek Howieny in Poland - The Best Wedding Location in Poland


Destination Wedding at Majatek Howieny in Poland - The Best Wedding Location in Poland

This time, we are heading to the city of Bialystok in Poland, where Magda and Bartek had the best wedding in Poland. Magda is my sister, and even though I was a guest, I couldn't miss the opportunity to photograph the beautiful location of Majatek Howieny. The Majatek Howieny is a stunning venue with several wedding complexes, including the largest barn wedding venue that can accommodate 400 people. I had the pleasure of dancing and photographing in the rustic "Domek Modrzewiowy," where an amazing 100-person wedding party took place the evening before the wedding and ended at 9:00 PM the day after the wedding. Yes, you heard that right - a three-day wedding celebration!

Beautiful Wedding Ceremony at the Church in Bialystok

But let's start from the beginning. A Polish wedding is different from a British one, and Magda and Bartek decided to tie the knot in a beautiful church in Bialystok. The church was huge and very bright, making photography a pure pleasure.

Wedding Party at the Rustic "Dwor Modrzewiowy" in Majatek Howieny - The Best Wedding Venue in Poland

Magda took care of every detail of her wedding, including flowers, decorations, a great car, and a beautiful wedding dress. However, the real party started after the wedding ceremony when we returned to Majatek Howieny, where Magda and Bartek had rented the "Dwor Modrzewiowy" that can accommodate about 150 people. At Magda and Bartek's wedding, about 100 people were in attendance, and the party was amazing - we danced until the morning, until 5:00 AM, to the great beats played by DJ Baltyk. It was an amazing experience and great memories because when I returned to the hotel, it was already dawn, and I heard the beautiful crowing of the rooster.

BBQ, Sun, and Chillout - Wedding After Party at Majatek Howieny - The Perfect Wedding Location in Poland

As I mentioned above, Polish weddings are amazing and different from those in the UK. The next day, after the wedding, we had a BBQ, sunbathing, and chillout time at Majatek Howieny, the perfect wedding location in Poland. It was a great way to end the wedding celebrations and spend time with family and friends.

In conclusion, the destination wedding at Majatek Howieny in Poland was an unforgettable experience full of fun, love, and great memories. The venue and its surroundings are beautiful, and the service and food are excellent. If you are thinking of having a destination wedding in Poland, I highly recommend considering Majatek Howieny as the best wedding location in the country.


Destination Wedding at Majatek Howieny in Poland - The Best Wedding Location in Poland