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Elopement Wedding, Conic Hill Loch Lomond Scotland


Elopment wedding  - Conic Hill,  Loch Lomond

Aoife and Alex's wedding will remain in my memory for a long time. The story of their wedding is truly amazing and it's all thanks to Covid-19.

Wedding during pandemia

Aoife and Alex have planned a wedding for April 2020. Unfortunately, due to the Lockdown in Great Britain, they decided to get married in March 2021. After a long time, seeing uncertainty on the part of the British government, decided to give up the wedding in March. They also said they would cancel the wedding and do the ceremony just for the both with a little escape to the photo shoot on November 11 this year.


As it turned out, a week before the wedding, the UK government decided to introduce a total lockdown in England where Aoife and Alex live there.


The decision was very quick. The wedding will take place on Friday - one day before the restrictions are introduced and a week before the planned earlier date.


Where’re we running away? - Conic Hill, Loch Lomond!


The decision was quick, but proved to be very accurate. Friday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with light clouds.

Wedding photo session despite the difficulties

I arrived in the morning for Aoife preparations at the Kimpton Blythswood Square Hotel.

The place made an amazing impression on me. The very elegant style of the hotel made me stand for a long time and just watch. I already knew then that I would have a lot of opportunity for good shoots.


After Aoife preparations, we went by taxi to the wedding venue, Trades Hall.

When I got inside I couldn't believe - what a place! What light! Amazing decor. Glasgow keeps discovering new places for me.


The ceremony was held only with a young couple and the hotel staff was the witness. But believe me, she was really beautiful, sincere, full of emotions and tears. A fairy-tale wedding led by George (humanist). What about the rest you will see in the pictures.

Wedding session in nature

After the ceremony, we went to the wedding session at Loch Lomond, Balmaha.

Why there?


The Conic Hill hiking trail is quite an easy trail and the views in up there are amazing. Golden autumn and the forest that surrounded us gave us an amazing effect.


On the other hand, the weather and the view that awaited us at the top rewarded Aoife and Alex with all the hardships associated with Covid-19.


Do you like watching a couple read love letters?

Do you like looking at the photographic images?

If so, I think this photo gallery is right for you. Because it really was a fairy-tale wedding.

 I invite you to watch!


Elopement Wedding, Conic Hill Loch Lomond  Scotland