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Wedding Photographer Scotland: Capturing Your Fairy-Tale Wedding at Fruin Farm


Wedding Photographer Scotland: Capturing Your Fairy-Tale Wedding at Fruin Farm

Fruin Farm is an amazing farm located just 5 minutes from Loch Lomond where couples exchange vows. I worked at Fruin Farm last year and you can find the reports from that day here. I was very happy to have the opportunity to work in this wonderful place again because it is really amazing and I can honestly say that it is one of the best wedding venues in Scotland where I have photographed my couples. I am also glad that next year I will have the opportunity to work there a few more times.

Create Unforgettable Memories at a Scottish Barn Wedding at Fruin Farm

For Christine and Jonathan's wedding, I arrived in the morning to photograph their preparations. Jonathan had his own separate apartment "Lotus", which is a newly renovated room where you can feel the amazing rural atmosphere. Christine's preparations, however, took place upstairs in a room so that neither the groom nor any of the men could see her on the wedding day. I really like photographing weddings in barns because the light in such places is amazing, and as a wedding photographer, I can show an amazing atmosphere in the photos. That's what I decided to do that day. I felt fulfilled. Starting to photograph the details, I decided to take the bride's dresses to the barn to photograph her by candlelight.

Experience the Beauty of Loch Lomond with a Romantic Wedding Photo Session

The wedding of Christine and Jonathan took place in a truly fabulous atmosphere. If you want to have a fairy-tale wedding, Fruin Farm is for you. I will add that the farm also has alpacas and a mini zoo, which makes the time for guests very pleasant. What about a photo session? Of course it took place. My couple's wedding took place in November, which means short days and perfect light almost all day long. Right after the group photo, we decided to head to the shores of Loch Lomond to take some fantastic photos on the pier. That's what happened when we got to the place, a rainbow appeared to our eyes, thanks to which the photos came out phenomenal. Flowers and the bride's wedding dress and fur coat that perfectly matched the autumn aura added to the charm of the photos.

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The rest of the day passed in a fantastic atmosphere. During the dinner, the young couple prepared Signers Secreto, i.e. a waiter who flips over with plates and then starts singing with the guests. Believe me, it was a really great party. There were also sparklers and lights from the phone. Want to see what Christine and Jonathan's wedding looked like? How did all the guests enjoy themselves on the boards of the barn? Or maybe you have a wedding planned at Fruin Farm and you are looking for inspiration? I invite you to watch.

Wedding Photographer Scotland: Capturing Your Fairy-Tale Wedding at Fruin Farm