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Oran Mor Wedding Photography in Glasgow - Kim & Jack's Fairytale Day


Oran Mor Wedding Photography in Glasgow - Kim & Jack's Fairytale Day

As I wrote in my previous posts, Glasgow always surprises me with its places. I have been living in Scotland for almost 10 years and every now and then I discover something new in this city. This time I had the pleasure of photographing in an amazing place which is Oran Mor, where Kim and Jack said "yes".

Wedding preparations at the Grosvenor hotel, Glasgow

The wedding day started very peacefully at The Grosvenor hotel which is located across the street from Oran Mor. I started my work at 9:30 so I had a lot of time to photograph the details, the wedding dress and the groom's preparations.
I decided to photograph the wedding dress in Oran Mor, where the wedding ceremony was to take place. Oran Mor is a beautiful building with beautiful architecture. That's why I knew that the wedding dress would fit perfectly against the background of such architecture. I will add that Oran Mor was once a church that was rebuilt into restaurants.

A fairytale wedding in Glasgow

About 70 guests attended Kim and Jack's wedding at Oran Mor, a stunning venue located in Glasgow. The Oran Mor hall is very large, making it the perfect choice for weddings with a large number of guests.
The wedding ceremony took place in a fairy-tale atmosphere, with the lighting and beautiful architecture of Oran Mor creating the perfect setting. There is also a balcony with a view of all guests and the entire Oran Mor room, making for a truly stunning and memorable wedding experience.

Wedding session on Ashton lane

After the wedding ceremony, we headed to one of Glasgow's most famous streets, Ashton Lane, for the wedding photo session. The lighting on Ashton Lane and the energy of the couple made for fantastic photos. I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful wedding at Ashton Lane earlier in the year, so I was familiar with the location and its potential.

First dance and Scottish dance – Ceilidh

After a successful photo session, we went to the first dance and cutting the cake. The party at Oran Mor was amazing, with all the guests having fun on the dance floor until late at night with the Scottish Ceilidh dance.

Overall, this wedding was a true fairytale experience, and I was thrilled to be the photographer for Kim and Jack's special day. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Glasgow, I highly recommend considering Oran Mor as a venue

Oran Mor Wedding Photography in Glasgow - Kim & Jack's Fairytale Day