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Magdalena and Marek Wedding at The Bothy Glasgow


Magdalena and Marek Wedding at The Bothy Glasgow

Emotions have not subsided yet so I decided to write this news right away. Yesterday my couple received photos from the wedding which stay in my memory for a long time. It was a really amazing day.
You've already had the opportunity to meet Magdalene and Marek because I photographed their engagement session at Loch Lomond two years ago.
My couple decided to say "YES" in The Bothy Glasgow and this place for me as a photographer is just WOW. But we will start from the beginning why this day was so amazing.

Four hours before the ceremony, i.e. wedding preparations

Magdalena and Marek planned this day perfectly. Marek started his preparations in an apartment on Argyle Street where he and the best man had a great time sipping whiskey on the balcony with a view our beautiful city of Glasgow.
Whereas Magdalena started with MUA in a fantastic place which is Image Studio.
I also decided to take some photos there, and if you are a future bride, I heartily recommend this studio.

Retro VW Transporter we're going to the West End in Glasgow

When our bride was ready, we had to get to The Bothy restaurant, which is located in Glasgow on the West End. Magdalena organized a great retro car which was the VW Transporter. I was lucky enough to go on with them. When Magdalena was drinking champagne with her friends, I was able to capture this important moment with a smile on my face.

Wedding ceremony and photo session at The Bothy restaurant

As I wrote above, I was in The Bothy for the first time and this place made a huge impression on me. The restaurant is located in a side street with a beautiful garden. The wedding ceremony took place on the first floor in a dedicated room. There is an amazing atmosphere in this room. There is a long table where all guests can sit. The young couple is standing in the middle and in the background you can see a stone wall and a beautiful fireplace with light from large windows - can you imagine it? A photographer cannot dream of a better place for a wedding.
After the beautiful ceremony, we went to the garden to take some photos in the background with a retro car.

Rocking atmosphere on Ashton Lane

We spent the next part of the day in a charming part of Glasgow which is Ashton Lane and it lies across the street near The Boty.
On Ashton Lane we decided to take some fantastic wedding photos and one of the ideas was a photo with sparklers on Ashton Lane and with phone flashlights. The atmosphere was amazing when 50 people created a tunnel for Magdalena and Marek and sang songs to them.
It was a great day for me and my couple.
We spent the rest of the evening at the Grosvenor Cafe where everyone was partying until midnight with hits played by 5 Star Discos.
I invite you to watch.



Magdalena and Marek Wedding at The Bothy Glasgow