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Emmaleena and Luke - Wedding at Folkerton Mill, Scotland


Emmaleena and Luke - Wedding at Folkerton Mill, Scotland

This summer, I had the great pleasure of working at the Folkerton Mill wedding venue. I heard about this place some time ago, but only now I could see how fantastic it is.
Folkerton Mill is 30 miles from Glasgow and easy to reach.
The couple I had the pleasure to photograph are Emmalenna who come from Finland and Luke from Scotland.

Wedding preparations in the Mongolian Yurt

Why did this place make such an impression on me? We'll start from the beginning.
After arriving at the farm, I went to Emmaleena for wedding preparations which she had in Mongolian yurt.
This tent gives this place a special atmosphere, once inside you can feel like in a different culture, the Mongolian yurt fits perfectly with Emmaleena's style.
In the middle of the tent there is a fireplace and a window above it, which provides the perfect light for the photographer. In addition, the yurt is very colorful, which gives it an additional charm.
Emmaleena's wedding dress perfectly matched the decor of the yurt.

Amazing wedding atmosphere on the farm

There is an amazing atmosphere on the farm, in the courtyard you can meet ducks and peacocks that accompany you throughout the day.
This is where I decided to photograph the wedding details, imagine that you are entering an old watermill that has not been used for several dozen years, old wooden stairs and light streaming through the old windows. The perfect combination.
The owners of the farm also introduced a very nice tradition, after the wedding ceremony each couple plant their tree in the field.
Believe me, this magical place has a great home atmosphere.
The wedding ceremony was held outside by the river overlooking the old watermill. Right next to the mongolian yurt.

Celdih and a magical golden hour

There is also a beautiful barn on the farm where there was dinner and then a dance floor.
Cords with lamps run through the entire courtyard. So, I decided to wait until it's dims slightly to use the lighting for the photo session.
While the wedding guests were enjoying a traditional Scottish dance (Celdih), I decided to go with my couple for a photo session.
The first stop was the Mongolian Yurt where we spent about 30 minutes and then went to the courtyard. It was a bull's eye! The sky was already dark. Blue, which perfectly matched the strings of lamps that perfectly illuminated my pair.
The session was really amazing.
I would like to add that in front of the barn there is a relaxation zone with two fireplaces. When I was at the wedding of Emmaleena and Luke, several guests from Finland decided to sing Finnish national songs for my couple, which made me feel like the set of the film "The Vikings".
This day will stay in my memory for a long time.
I invite you to a photo reportage.

Emmaleena and Luke - Wedding at Folkerton Mill, Scotland