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Zuzanna and Wiktor – Wedding photographer Glasgow


Zuzanna and Wiktor – Wedding photographer Glasgow

Glasgow - one of my favorite places in Scotland where I love to photograph weddings.
Every time I visit this magical place like Glasgow, I discover new nooks and crannies for photographing my couples. Why is Glasgow so special?
First of all, it is quite a crowded city with a lot going on and the old architecture of Glasgow is very mixed up with modern buildings. And the people who make up Glasgow are unique.
Today's story that I will present to you is Zuzanna and Wiktor who really wanted to have a wedding session in Glasgow City Center on their wedding day.

Yote Bowling and fantastic views of Glasgow city center

The first stop on our Glasgow map was the Yotel bowling alley near Glasgow Central Station, why choose it?
The bowling alley is on the 6th floor and the views from its windows are really amazing, that's where I was able to take one of the best wedding photos in Glasgow.
The bowling alley staff turned out to be very friendly and allowed us to use the bowling alley space for wedding photo shoots. It was also a new experience for me because I was able to take great pictures with the neon lights. Unfortunately, time was running out and we had to go to the next place.

Buchanann street and Lighthouse

The next stop in Glasgow was the little street that led to the Lighthouse. This street is very narrow ,and its appearance resembles streets from the US, while the graffiti on the gate allows us to move completely to another place. The light in this place is great because thanks to the tall building it is quite subdued. After taking photos, we headed to Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow.

Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow- first date

This restaurant was very important to my wedding couple. It is here that Zuzanna and Witor had their first date. Thanks to the very friendly staff, we were also able to use the room where my couple had their date.
I have very fond memories of this day and that is why I love wedding photos in Glasgow, the understanding of people and their kindness is something really amazing.
The wedding session was really amazing and the satisfaction of my couple was the best reward for me.

Zuzanna and Wiktor – Wedding photographer Glasgow