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Wedding at The Landmark Hotel - Wedding photographer Dundee


Wedding at Landmark Hotel, Dundee

It was on a beautiful Saturday in June that I had the great pleasure of photographing a wonderful couple like Stacey and Steve in a fantastic place like the Landmark Hotel in Dundee.
The hotel has a beautiful garden where Stacey and Steve said yes to each other.

Wedding photographer Dundee

That day I was working with my friend Chris who is a videographer. Together with him we create the duo Sweet and Awesome dream team. Chris is also a drone operator and thanks to him I also got some fantastic shots from the drone while Stacey and Steve got an awesome movie.

Outdoor wedding ceremony

The weather on Saturday in June turned out to be a bull's eye. The sky on that day was clear and the thermometers showed 25 degrees.
The wedding ceremony was held in the garden. She was very beautiful and very emotional and for me it was very important. I always tell my clients and keep repeating that emotions in wedding photography are the key to greatwedding reportage.

Golden hour wedding photo session

After a whole day spent with amazing people, it's time for a wedding photo session. Together with Steve we agreed that it will take place at the golden hour. Steve dreamed of a wedding session with smoke bombs. His idea was amazing and Chris and I decided to make his dream come true.

Smoke bombs - wedding inspirations

We took the first photo with smoke candles in a group. It was good for us to work because the evening was windless, thanks to which the smoke in the pictures was fantastic.
After the group photo, we went with my couple to play with smoke bombs and dance at sunset. Seeing a couple so much in love with each other, I knew that these photos would turn out to be stunning and that's what happened.

Wedding at The Landmark Hotel - Wedding photographer Dundee