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Shona and Ellie, Isle of Mull wedding photography - Tobemory


Shona and Ellie, Isle of Mull wedding photography - Tobemory


On the last weekend in May I had the great pleasure to photograph the beautiful couple Shona and Ellie. The venue they chose for their wedding was amazing as well. For the first time, I had the pleasure to visit such an amazing island as the Isle of Mull.

As a wedding photographer, he travels all over Scotland and Europe and it turns out that I have some of the most beautiful places close to my home. This is what the Isle of Mull is about.


Tobemory - a fairy-tale wedding


Shona and Ellie's wedding was to be held at the Western Isles Hotel in Tobemory.

Tobemory is a small beautiful town with a port. Its showpiece is its colorful architecture and lots of great restaurants.

The Western Isles Hotel is located above the colorful buildings at the top.

This is where Shona and Ellie's amazing wedding took place.



Wedding at Western Isles Hotel


Have you ever dreamed of getting married in Scotland? In a place where you have a view of one of the most beautiful places you could ever dream of?

This is exactly what the Western Isles Hotel has to offer.

Shona and Ellie's wedding ceremony was held outside on the hotel terrace.

The wedding took place at the end of May so the weather was perfect for outdoor wedding.


Wedding reception


After the wedding ceremony, was time for dinner. As I wrote above, the hotel has a lot to offer and this was also the case with the speeches room.

The hall - it is a conservatory which is fully glazed and the view from this room is stunning. It extends over the bay and all the small islands near Tobemora.


Fantastic wedding photosession


For the wedding session, we went for a walk in Tobemory during the golden hour. Shona and Ellie asked me to do a photo session with their skateboards which I thought was fantastic. May is the season of the year in Scotland when the days are very long and the vegetation is abundant, which is why it was the blooming flowers and the beautiful couple that allowed me to take fantastic photos.


Amazing landscapes and the most beautiful beaches


If you are looking for a place like a fairy tale for your wedding and away from big cities, the Isle of mull is perfect for you.

I will add that this island has a lot to offer. The island has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The sand is white and the water is crystal clear. So, if you think about Elopement on the Isle of Mull write to me and I will give you some ideas.

Shona and Ellie, Isle of Mull wedding photography - Tobemory