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Ashley and Graeme, Wedding at Rufflets St Andrews


Ashley and Graeme, wedding at Rufflets St Andrews


On a beautiful Saturday in May, I had the pleasure to photograph a beautiful wedding in the amazing place of Rufflets in St. Andrews.

Ashley and Graeme are a wonderful couple who decided to say "YES".

The Ruffles is a beautiful hotel on the outskirts of St Andrews. It is a beautiful building with beautiful gardens. Personally, I love to photograph in gardens where there are plenty of flowers in bloom, and that's what the Rufflets Hotel has provided me with.


A wedding in May is a magical time


In such fine weather as it was Saturday in May, Ashley and Graeme decided that the ceremony would be outside. As I wrote above, Rufflets has very large gardens and the wedding ceremony was held in one of them.


Outdoor wedding ceremony


The ceremony took place in a shaded place among huge trees. The day was sunny and the sky was clear, so thanks to the trees, the shaded area was perfect for saying "yes" to yourself.

The atmosphere was really amazing. Ashley and Greaem had every detail of this important day planned for their. There was even a musician with a harp at the wedding who introduced us to the wedding atmosphere with his music. The ceremony was very emotional and it made my work much easier because the main element of my photography is emotions.


Wedding photoshoot in the garden during the golden hour


The next part of the day, Ashley and Graeme spent with their guests celebrating this wonderful day.

During my break, I went to find a suitable place for the photoshoot that we planned for the golden hour.

Right after the first dance, together with Ashley and Graeme, we went to a beautiful garden where I decided to take some fantastic shots on a small pier. Then we went outside the hotel grounds to take pictures in the field with the sun going down.

The day I spent with Ashley and Graeme at Rufftles will remain in my memory forever.

It is a beautiful place that I really recommend to my future wedding couple.

I would like to add that in September this year I will also again visit this place where my next couple will get married, this time from Germany.

Ps. I would like to thank my second shooter very much for the great cooperation. Thanks to Damian Olik Photography.

Ashley and Graeme, Wedding at Rufflets St Andrews