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Alina and Selim - Rock n Roll wedding Glasgow


Alina and Selim - Rock n Roll wedding Glasgow

I couldn't have dreamed of a better start to the 2022 wedding season. Alina and Selim are a fantastic couple who decided to say "yes" to themselves in Glasgow in March this year.

During the meeting, we agreed on a few details, including that we would organized a wedding photo session in the city center, among others at the Royal Exchange Square, which is located in the center of Glasgow. It was one of the dreams of Alina who comes from Ukraine. That's what we did, but maybe I start from the beginning.

Wedding photoshoot in City Center

I have already written several times that I love to photograph in the center of Glasgow. In my opinion, this is a city that has a lot to offer. Its magnificent architecture allows any photographer to be creative. I decided to do the same as well.

We started our walk with Alina and Seli from Argyle street and went towards George street.


Amazing decoration in The Spiritualist restaurant

The first stop for some lovely photos was The Spiritualist restaurant. It was in this amazing restaurant that after our photo session, dinner and a meeting with wedding guests were to take place. I really liked the restaurant there, in particular its front with large windows through which beautiful light shone through. The walls of the restaurant were covered with green ivy-like decorations, while the long, huge lamps were decorated with boho-style flowers.

Rock n Roll bride dresses


All of this matched the style of Alina who wore a beautiful Rock n Roll wedding dress. This combination with sunglasses gave me really good photos and one of them was even awarded by the Photobug Community magazine as the photo of the month.

Wedding at Royal Exchange Square


The next place we decided to stay is the Royal Exchange Square. This is a must visit place on the map of Glasgow that every tourist must visit. The showpiece of this place is, of course, a monument with a cone on its head. This is where we decided to focus for most of our session. In this small area, you can make really fascinating photo sessions. The buildings in this town resemble the streets of Chicago.

After the photos at Royal Exchange Square, we went to Buchanan street and the side of Central station to take some photos there as well.

The photos with Alina and Selim turned out to be really great. It's been a long time since I had such satisfaction from taking pictures and I haven't had so much fun in a long time.



Alina and Selim - Rock n Roll wedding Glasgow