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A Glasgow Wedding Photoshoot with Alina and Selim


A Glasgow Wedding Photoshoot with Alina and Selim

As a wedding photographer based in Glasgow, I was thrilled to kick off the 2022 wedding season with Alina and Selim's special day. This couple chose to tie the knot in Glasgow in March, and we spent the day capturing stunning photographs around the city.

Capturing the Magic in Glasgow's City Center

One of the highlights of the day was our photo session in Glasgow's city center. Alina had always dreamed of taking photos at the Royal Exchange Square, and we made sure to include this iconic location in our itinerary. We started our walk at Argyle Street and made our way to George Street, stopping at the Spiritualist restaurant along the way.

he Spiritualist Restaurant: A Stunning Setting

The Spiritualist restaurant provided a beautiful backdrop for our photo session. With large windows letting in plenty of natural light and walls adorned with green ivy-like decorations, it was the perfect setting. The long, huge lamps were also adorned with boho-style flowers, which matched the Rock'n'Roll bride dresses worn by Alina and Selim. One of the photos we took at the Spiritualist even won the Photobug Community magazine's "photo of the month" award!

Royal Exchange Square: A Must-See for Tourists and Photographers


After leaving the Spiritualist, we headed to the Royal Exchange Square, which is a must-see for any tourist visiting Glasgow. The square's showpiece is a monument with a cone on its head, which made for some really interesting photo opportunities. The surrounding buildings have a similar feel to the streets of Chicago, and we spent a good portion of our session here.

Finishing Up at Buchanan Street and Central Station


After the Royal Exchange Square, we made our way to Buchanan Street and the side of Central station for some final shots. The photos of Alina and Selim turned out beautifully, and it was a pleasure to be their wedding photographer in Glasgow. It's been a while since I've had such satisfaction from taking photographs and had so much fun in the process.



A Glasgow Wedding Photoshoot with Alina and Selim