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Wedding at Register office, Glasgow, Scotland


Wedding at Register office, Glasgow, Scotland

23 Montrose Street, Glasgow_095

Emma and Gary are a fantastic couple who planned their wedding for a long time. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they had to change their plans. Their wedding was supposed to take place in April and unfortunately it was postponed to October.

Today I will tell you their stories.

Wedding at register office Glasgow

First, I visited Gary who was getting ready at his home. The atmosphere was very friendly and Gary was very relaxed.

Emma's preparations began at her family home in Glasgow. There was a great atmosphere there. All the household members greeted me with a big smile.

After preparations, I went to the center of Glasgow on 23 Montrose Street where the wedding register office is located. That's where they said "Yes" to each other Emma and Gary.

Industrial wedding photo session

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the ceremony could only be held with parents, witnesses and the photographer. But I must say that it was a very exciting ceremony.

After a beautiful ceremony, despite the rain, we went to a photo session in the center of Glasgow. We did some fantastic photos in the nearby Glasgow City Chambers. Where the architecture is just beautiful. Large pillars of old buildings blend in perfectly with the streets of Glasgow.


After about 20 minutes of shooting, we went to the original place where I had not photographed yet. Right in front of the Tennessee Beer Factory. Right in front of this factory, on Duke street, there is a large number of murals designed as an advertisement for beer. I would like to add that the city of Glasgow is famous for its murals. The walls of the factory are very colorful, which is why the photos I was made.

Wedding dinner, speeches, cut cake

After a short photo session that took us about 45 minutes, we went to the bride and groom's house. Emma and Gary went there in their beautiful limo. The rest of the guests were waiting for them on the spot, ready to cut the cake which was standing in a beautiful tent in the garden.

Emma and Gary's wedding was an amazing experience for me. He showed me how, despite a pandemic, you can organize a fantastic wedding full of emotions and refine every detail.

Emma and Gary, my congratulations.

Wedding at Register office, Glasgow, Scotland