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Relaxed Wedding at Sloans, Glasgow, Scotland


Relaxed Wedding at Sloans, Glasgow, ScotlandSloans_54 

It was a great day for Rochelle and Neil to say "YES" to each other.

I am very glad that I had the pleasure to accompany them on this special day in a beautiful place located in the center of Glasgow, which is Sloans.

Sloans is a two-level restaurant connected to a wedding venue with stunning view over the streets of Glasgow.

A beautiful magical venue for a wedding

Sloans is located at 108 Argyle St, Glasgow just 2 minutes from Central Station.

On the ground floor, there is a pub open to everyone, a place where you can drink a beer and watch a match with friends. On the first floor, there are two rooms for the wedding ceremony. I would like to add that there is also a beautiful beer garden at guests' disposal, which is decorated with beautiful flowers and murals that give this place an amazing atmosphere, especially on long summer evenings.

Wedding photo session in City center

Personally, I really like weddings in central Glasgow, for example in Sloans, for several reasons.

First, Argyle Street is one of the main streets in the city center. So, I can use the crowded city for a fantastic city session that will be different from the quieter places on the outskirts of Glasgow. Another thing that I really like and have written about it more than once is the architecture of Glasgow. The construction of Glasgow is very impressive for me. Mixed old and modern construction brings something really special to our photos. Every street in Glasgow has something unique to offer, from murals to beautiful little nooks like Sloans.

I would like to add that there are two entrances to Sloans. One from the side of the beautiful garden, and the other from the street, a small closed street where jewelry is sold. This street is covered so even despite the rainy Scottish weather we have a fantastic place to take photos in the amazing light.

I love such light in photography

As I wrote above. I love the light I find in Sloans. In the restaurant, I also find a beautiful interior. In the building, you will find a beautiful wooden staircase with a window through which there is atmospheric light and large windows in the wedding room give this place a unique atmosphere. Being at a wedding in Sloans felt like in a movie. That's why I couldn't wait to go with my wonderful couple for amazing photo sessions in the city center and the beautiful garden next to the Sloans restaurant.


Here's the effect:

Relaxed Wedding at Sloans, Glasgow, Scotland