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Erica and Tobiach – Elopement wedding Glencoe, Scotland


Erica and Tobiach – Elopement wedding Glencoe, Scotland

Glen Coe_57

Glen Coe is one of the most popular places in Scotland and belongs to the Scottish Highlands. Nearby Fort William nearby about 100 miles.

It is there that, on a December afternoon, it is a pleasure I photographed Ericka and Tobiach.

Erica and Tobiach this couple come from Canada, but in Glencoe Erica Tobiach says "yes".

She said "yes"

The weather in December in Glen Coe is rainy. The day before the session, Erica wrote me a message asking if I was okay with the weather. I replied that I was not worried because bad weather meant good photos. It turned out that Erica has a similar opinion and loves the rain. For me, it meant that I would be able to shoot where and how I wanted.

Rainy photos at Glen Coe

We started the sessions around 2 p.m., which is about two hours before sunset, so we didn't have too much time. However, we had a plan, which we followed. We took the first pictures in view of a white house near Glencoe. It has a great view of the Scottish Highlands. Light rain and snow-capped mountains gave us an amazing dark atmosphere that fits perfectly with the Scottish climate.

Glen Etive photo shoot

After about an hour of shooting, we headed to Glen Etive which is about 15 minutes from Glencoe. We had planned this place for several reasons. First of all, the views, and secondly, a scene from the James Bond movie "Skyfall" was filmed in this beautiful place and there are deer that come up to people on their own.

Unfortunately, we did not meet deer. On the other hand, the Scottish landscapes in the pictures turned out to be fabulous. Driving on a very narrow road, we stopped every 5 minutes to take more photos. At one point, we stopped in a place that was so green that it did not resemble Scotland at all. We also created some beautiful shots there.

Unfortunately, the days in December are very short and the sun went down quickly. I was all wet. Even my trekking shoes that I was wearing in Iceland got soaked. Erica and Tobiach were also soaking wet. At the end of the day, I decided to use it for the final scene. Erica and Tobiach sat down in the rain on the road in front of the car. It was already dark outside and thanks to the lights in the car, I was able to take a fantastic photo.

If you love Scottish weather and photos in such a climate, I think Glencoe and Glen Etive are the perfect places for you.

Erica and Tobiach – Elopement wedding Glencoe, Scotland