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Wedding at Tulliallan Castle, Alloa, Scotland


Wedding at Tulliallan Castle, Alloa, Scotland

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Tulliallan castle - this is where Abby and Dave said YES to each other.

The castle is located in Alloa just 50km from Glasgow. Best of all, the Police College is there.

The castle is situated on the outskirts of Aloa town and is surrounded by beautiful Scottish countryside and a beautiful forest. A wedding in the fall season allowed me to use the colors of fall.

Relexed wedding day

I arrived around 12.00 p.m.for the preparation of the bride and to photograph the details of the beautiful Tulliallan Castle. I was positively surprised by the incredibly calm atmosphere. The groom was preparing wedding decorations and I had a lot of time to photograph details, get to know the castle and plan the wedding session.

Inspiration Wedding dress

I often tell my couples that I love photographing a wedding dress and here at Tulliallan Castle I had great opportunities. Lots of time, large windows through which light shone and beautiful stairs with a huge mirror. Abby's delicate dress was simply beautiful and I think it would inspire more than one future bride.

Wedding ceremony in a homely atmosphere

The wedding ceremony at Tulliallan Castle was held in a very friendly home atmosphere. It was a ceremony unlike any other. She was very home and family. It lasted about 10 minutes. Then all the guests sitting comfortably on their chairs simply listened to the speeches while sipping a beer. I will remember this wedding very nice because I felt like a family member.

Wedding photo session - Tulliallan Castle


The time for photo session was quite short, because the wedding took place on the last weekend of September, so the days are getting shorter and shorter. The golden hour began after 6 p.m. With Dave and Abby, we went for a 45minute walk around Tulliallan Castle. The autumn light was really beautiful. The yellow leaves on the trees and the golden hour light gave me a really satisfying effect. If you have the opportunity to stroll to Tulliallan Castle Gardens, don't hesitate. This is a place that I highly recommend.

Perfect wedding disco party

After a great session, we went to the dance floor, where, after covid restrictions, everyone was hungry for dance. The fun lasted until 11pm. Delicious dishes served for BBQ waited outside.


I invite you to watch.

Wedding at Tulliallan Castle, Alloa, Scotland