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Natalie and Rumhann - Wedding at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland


Wedding at House for an Art Lover Glasgow Scotland

Today I'd like to take you to Natalie and Rumhann's wedding to House for an art Lover. This is a beautiful venue in the west of Glasgow close to the city center. This building is connected to a beautiful park full of greenery, where is peace and quiet.


I arrived at the place around 10:00 am to photograph the bride's wedding preparations. Natalie wasn't ready to shoot yet, so I started shooting details.

House of an art. Lover is a place with potential. There are beautiful rooms with huge windows, so I decided to use it and hung the bride's dress in one of such rooms. I used the light from the windows for the photos, which gave me a great effect.

Emotional atmosphere on the wedding 

After taking pictures of Natalie's wedding details, I headed over to the groom's house on Finniestone. There I photographed Rumhann's preparations and additionally immortalized his nice family in the pictures. After finishing shooting at the groom's, I returned to House for an art lover, where I finished photographing Natalie's final preparations for the wedding ceremony.


The ceremony was held in a very nice and emotional atmosphere. I really liked the atmosphere of the room with black walls which, combined with large windows, gave great opportunities for photography. The minimalism that was in this room is what I like. After the ceremony, we went to a group photo session, after which the young couple had time to eat and chat with guests and family.

The golden hour is the best for wedding photo session

At the golden hour, I went with Natalie and Rumhann for a photo shoot in the park near the wedding house. But not only did we take photos there. As I wrote before, the House for an art. lover has a lot of potential and cool places, so I also used the restaurant balcony for the photos. The bride and groom stood on him with glasses of champagne and toast.


After the session, we went back inside, where the dance party had just started. Natalie and Rumhann were going crazy on the dance floor all the time and the guests along with them.


I invite you to the reportage.



Natalie and Rumhann - Wedding at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland