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Kim and Daniel - Elopement, destination wedding photographer Iceland


Wedding at Valahnúkamöl Iceland 

Reykjanes Peninsula  006

Today I come to you with an amazing island - Iceland.

I have waited eleven months for this moment! Why so long? Due to the pandemic and related restrictions, they kept canceling my trip. But I was finally able to fly there and I can tell you it was worth the wait.

Visit to the volcano Fagradalsfjall

After arriving, I had one day off before the scheduled session, so I decided to go to the volcano.

A special application on my phone showed that volcano was active at the moment, so I figured I will use it and take some extra photos.

The road to the volcano took me a while and what was my disappointment when, after reaching the place, the volcano entered a resting phase and unfortunately I did not see it ejecting lava. The views of dried lava and the surrounding views were a consolation.

Kleifarvatn photo session

The next day, I met Kim and Daniel, native Icelanders. It was with them that I had an photo session.

We have already started shooting at the parking lot near Lake Kleifarvatn, on route 42.

Kim wore a beautiful gown by Ellen Marie Bridal.

Awesome Krisuvik

It is amazing what Iceland welcomes us with. You feel like you've landed on another planet. Dark sand, even dark black rock and a narrow road in the background.

At this place, I photographed about an hour and then we went to Krisuvik for more photos. There are geothermal springs and the soil is yellow-red. Great colors for photos.

At one point, we saw horses across the street, so we figured that we had to use these for photos. Beautiful, friendly creatures willingly posed together with the couple.

Iceland is a different planet

But that's not the end of the photos, because we went to Gunnuhver Hot Springs for the next shots. This place is Iceland's showpiece and you must visit this place. The next springs with blue water gave a nice effect. Nearby, there were craters from which clouds of steam were escaping, which gave amazing results in the photos.

Iceland craked my mind

For the final shots at the golden hour, we drove to Rykjanes, where there were cliffs and rocks. Once again I was captivated by Icelandic views, waves hitting the rocks and the harshness of the terrain. The wind blew Kim's hair which turned out nicely in the pictures.


What can I say about Iceland? The island has great potential for views. Every place feels like you are on a different planet. As I wrote above, it was worth waiting so long to see this land and photograph it.

Thank you for the nice time with Kim and Daniel and the wonderful team from Way Up North.



Kim and Daniel - Elopement, destination wedding photographer Iceland