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Rachel and Joel - Wedding at Pollokshields Burgh Hall 2021 Glasgow, Scotland


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After more than two years, I am returning to this wonderful place which is Pollokshields Burgh hall. This time for the wedding of an eternally smiling couple like Rachel and Joel.

Seemingly the same place where I was two years ago, but a new look at photography and new technological possibilities allowed me to draw 100% from this place.

Bride preparations

I arrived at the place around 9 o'clock, I think this is the best time, because this is the time when the preparations for the bride begin. The early time allows me to take photos calmly, get to know the bride team and capture as many details as possible. Starting from a wedding dress, wedding rings to a fantastic make-up artist by Lesley Neil. Rachel was very relaxed which allowed me to feel at ease on this day.

Wedding Ceremony at Pollokshields Burgh hall

The wedding ceremony took place in a fantastic atmosphere. The smiling couple of Rachel and Joel created such an atmosphere, while I could capture it all. The beautiful light shining through the stained-glass windows allowed me to capture truly wonderful and touching moments. But when Rachel and Joel left the wedding room, confetti waiting, and it really was confetti full of colorful flowers.

I spent the rest of the afternoon photographing the guests and taking a photo shoot.

Wedding cake and first dance

After eating a delicious dinner, it's time for a wedding cake and first dance.

That evening, the dance hall at Pollokshields burgh hall looked amazing, thanks to David. I had the pleasure of working with David at several weddings and I know very well what a great DJ he is and of course I was right this time. The dance floor was full until late evening.

             Sparklers or a phone flashlight? So, we create new wedding trends

Some time ago I had an idea to use flashlights from phones at a wedding, when there are no sparklers. The opportunity arose at the Rachel and Joel's wedding. I asked David, who was running the party, to come outside with 10-15 guys with their phones. Rachel was prejudiced against my idea, so she really wanted to try something new, creative. How was it? I think very well indeed. We, the photographers, create new wedding trends thanks to couples like Rachel and Joel.


Rachel and Joel - Wedding at Pollokshields Burgh Hall 2021 Glasgow, Scotland