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Outdoor wedding photography Greenock, Scotland - Sarah and Andrew


Outdoor wedding Greenock, Scotland

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Today I'm going to show you a beautiful story that Sarah and Andrew made. We first met in 2019 to discuss the wedding day on June 4, 2021. The plans were very big, a wedding for 150 people, a tent on the beach. Unfortunately, a few months later the Covid-19 restrictions came and all plans had to be changed.

Magic Wedding in garden

Despite the restrictions, Sarah & Andrew did not give up the wedding, but decided to move the ceremonies to their parents' garden in Greenock with a minimized number of guests.

After arriving in Greenock, I was very pleasantly surprised. Andrew's parents' garden was just amazing. Lots of greenery, flowers and the wedding venue was wonderful.

Andrew also made sure that all who could not come to the site could watch live streaming.

The Quaich - Scottish tradition

During the wedding ceremony, I once again encountered the tradition of drinking whiskey during the ceremony, i.e. Quaich. It is a love mug with two handles, it is an ancient Scottish tradition that seals the bond of two people and means the mixing of two families. It symbolizes the love and trust that come from the relationship as the new couple enjoy the first drink of their marriage together. Sarah and Andrew decided to drink the exquisite Talisker Skye Single Malt Whiskey. After a beautiful ceremony, we went for a fantastic ride in Father Andrew's car during which we made a wedding photosesion. About this in the next blog.

Pizza maker at a wedding

Now, some information for couples who are looking for ideas and inspiration for their garden wedding.

Sarah and Andrew decided to create a homely atmosphere to create a pizza corner.

The idea was really successful and its implementation really.

The corner was run by the Italian restaurant Toninon, anyone can make their own pizza straight from the oven.



Outdoor wedding photography Greenock, Scotland - Sarah and Andrew