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Julia & Stacey, Wedding at Glasgow City Chambers, Scotland


Glasgow Wedding photography – Scotland

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2020 was a very hard year for wedding couples, a lot of chaos, couples kept in the uncertainty whether their wedding will take place? More date changes, etc. The beginning of the year was supposed to be a breakthrough, unfortunately each of us knows that another wave of the virus has come and plans have been changed again.

But there are couples who did not do it and, despite the applicable restrictions, got married.

Julia and Stacey because this story will be about them today, they decided to get married in during the pandemic.

Glasgow City Chambers, Wedding photography

Julia and Stacey live in Greenock but have decided to get married in the Glasgow City Chambers.

Unfortunately, due to restrictions, only five guests were allowed to attend the wedding ceremony, so I was unable to attend the ceremony. That's why I waited outside, photographing the surroundings.

However, after the ceremony, we decided to make up for this time at a wedding session in the city center.

Wedding photo session in Glasgow City center

In a word, I love to photograph in the center of Glasgow. Very diverse architecture, narrow streets and glass buildings. Every time I photograph in Glasgow, I discover something new. New murals, graffiti and shop windows.

Julia and Stacey were a very cheerful and energetic couple. As a result, I enjoyed working with them.

Photo session at Glasgow Central Station

My first photo shoot for Julia and Stacey was at Glasgow Central Station. This place turned out to be not only a perfect place in terms of architecture, but also a place where I could photograph the history of my couple. Julia and Stacey often traveled by train and spent a lot of time at the station talking together. That's why this place was sentimental to them.


So, ladies and gentlemen, photo report from Julia and Stacey's wedding session


Julia & Stacey, Wedding at Glasgow City Chambers, Scotland