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A wedding photographer during a Covid-19 pandemic


What am I doing or photographing at home during a Covid-19  pandemic.


As a wedding photographer working in Scotland, I was hit, like most people, by the pandemic. And hence no work. In my case, no weddings. First, all of my clients moved to the 2021 season, and then most of them to the 2022 season. 

But what to do next when you're staying just at home? I would like to remind you that photography is not only about wedding photos, but also many other topics.

I personally focused on practicing my creativity and perceiving photography in a different way. I used this time not to stand still, but to continue to develop.

Advertising photography

Advertising photography is one of the ideas for developing your creativity in photography.

Being at home we have limited possibilities: light, background, objects etc. So, I decided to try to photograph the whiskey bottle.

How was it? I think it's pretty good.

Paul Budzinski Advertising  03

For this photo, I used available light, an ordinary cheap LED lamp from Ikea and a tripod. A brick on the wall in my kitchen served as a background. I did it to give the picture a rustic feel.

A kind of ordinary photography and setting the light, composition, etc. It took me some time and I only got the final photo after 3 hours.

Paul Budzinski Advertising  04 Paul Budzinski Advertising  05

Another photo for Advertising is a photo of a soccer fan enjoying a Heineken beer.

Paul Budzinski Advertising  11

The photo is a self-portrait. It looks complicated, but it isn't actually at all. For this photo, I used two shelves from the fridge to build a makeshift fridge. At tripod, one lamp on the right and a reflector on the left to illuminate the face. Simple.

Paul Budzinski Advertising  09 Paul Budzinski Advertising  10

Stock Photography

Stock photography, which is nothing else than a photo for sale for business purposes.

I'll give you an example. You open gyms, build a website, and you need a photo, but only one. Instead of hiring a photographer for the entire session and paying for a full day's work, you can visit istock and purchase a photo. You get the right to this photo.

As a photographer, I am bored at home, so why not sell stock photos and earn extra money?

Here is one of them:

Paul Budzinski Advertising  02

Paul Budzinski Advertising  01

Paul Budzinski Advertising  07

Paul Budzinski Advertising  08

I used a model for the photo and the photo was taken so that her face was not visible, but you can see a set of dumbbells + natural light. The rest is editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Picture taken on a white wall at home. I think this is another example that we don't need a photo studio.

Hardware preparations, news

Watching movies and reading online forums, I have come to the conclusion that this is the best time to move ahead technologically. So, I decided to change one of my cameras. This is a completely new system that gives me more photography opportunities as a wedding photographer. I still use the Nikon D750 reflex camera and I decided to change the second body to the newest Nikon Z6II system. (Update)

At the moment, I am testing the camera and soon there will be a review of the camera on the blog. Which is a huge leap.

DSC_0949-2 2

Wedding photography workshops 

The last thing I would like to write to you is a photo workshop.

In the era of the covid, let's use the days off to learn and build our own workshop. At the moment, YouTube offers us a lot of channels of great photographers who conduct online training and more. It was thanks to such talks that I decided to change the photographic system. And in July we go to the Roadie Work Shop,where we will travel with two Land Rover 4x4s in Iceland and photograph the bride and groom at midnight, where there is no night in the summer and the light is phenomenal.

Remember: always go ahead, learn from the best, use networking because we, photographers, create new wedding trends and it is up to us to decide what the future will look like.




A wedding photographer during a Covid-19 pandemic