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Valentines day photoshoot Glasgow Scotland


Valentines day photoshoot Scotland

On February 14th, this date needs no introduction. This is the day of lovers.

What to do to surprise our beloved half on this day?

Surprise photo session

Buy a perfume? Maybe a nice dinner? I think this is not the right time because the stores are closed due to Covid-19, and so are restaurants. Or maybe a photo session just for two? 

Why not? Scotland is a very attractive country to photograph.


I think such a gift was perfect. You do not have to give it on Valentine's Day, but in advance to plan a wonderful photo session on February 14 or to plan it after loosening all restrictions so that we are safe.


As Valentine's Day falls in the middle of February, the days are longer and the golden hour really gives us light and light.


You don't have to go far into the mountains to do Valentine's Day sessions. 20 minutes by car from Glasgow, start to the wonderful Scottish views. Starting at Lennoxtown and ending at Loch Lomond. Beautiful lochs and mountains.

Photo session for couples

For the lazier couples, a great session would be Glasgow City Session.

Our city has a really diverse architecture, so the photos in the city look fantastic. Often when I photography wedding in Glasgow city center, then I know that the session must be in the city center.


Busy streets, rushing people. Lots of shadows and light at the same time, shining screens and glass buildings reflecting the light. There are plenty of possibilities.

So, I invite you to the Valentine's Day session. What do you think about that?

Valentines day photoshoot Glasgow Scotland