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Wedding Anniversary in Barcelona


Wedding Anniversary in Barcelona


Today's blog will be a bit different than the rest.

I will show you a fantastic place on earth which is Barcelona. Why about this today?

This is how I spent my 10th wedding anniversary with my wife, Dominika.

I think that this is how you will be inspired to use the time on your anniversaries.

As a destination wedding photographer, I love to travel. That's why I chose Barcelona as my 10th wedding anniversary.

Of course I had to take my camera. My wife is already used to taking him everywhere with me. Photography is not only work, it is my lifestyle.

We were in Barcelona before Lockdown so we had a really nice time. Me, my wife Dominika, my Nikon camera and 35mm lens. I didn't take any more equipment due to the fact that 35mm is the perfect photo report lens for me and I use it even when working in 80%.

Wandering through the narrow streets of Barcelona, I photographed everything, from people and their culture to architecture. Of course, I also found time to shoot photo session for my wonderful wife. I invite you to watch




Wedding Anniversary in Barcelona