Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

Emotions or an element of photography.


Wedding reportage, i.e. emotions, emotions and again emotions.

Today I will explain you why, as a wedding photographer, I focus on emotions. Why are they the most important element of wedding photography for me.


On my way to a wedding, I always tell my clients: "This is your day and your photos ... I show your story". It shows people, love and, above all, emotions that accompany them during the wedding day.

Emotional wedding photography

Most often I start my wedding reportage in the morning. I am looking for details and places, but not only moments.

As a wedding photographer, I can see your love and happiness with your parents, grandparents and friends.

When photographing your wedding preparations, I can see how happy you are. You do not see your smile and joy in your eyes but I do. That's why I take photos of you, so that you can see, what emotions are written on your face.

I am waiting for the arriving guests, elegantly dressed, with smiles on their faces - it is a proof that they are enjoying your day and it is very important to them. That's why I also take pictures here. Everywhere and for everyone.

Emotions, emotions everywhere

First look- Emotions, often tears of happiness, i.e. joy itself, and this love in the eyes of your future husband when he sees you in a wedding dress.

The tears of your parents and grandparents and emotions again… what would a wedding be without emotions?


The whole wedding day is one story - your day filled with wonderful moments. This is how we create stories.

Now, maybe we will move to the dance floor where everyone has relaxed after a small drink… dancing, laughing, talking. There is so much going on. Just take photos.

This is my photography. Looking for moments and emotions. So that you would see how many happy people were around you and how much happiness and love there was on that day.

Emotions or an element of photography.