Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer in Scotland


A wedding photographer in Scotland

If you're already here and you're reading this, I know you know who I am and what I do. My name is Paul (Pawel) and I'm a wedding photographer.


While reading this text, you are probably looking for a wedding photographer or you just like looking at photos.


I think today's text is just for you and I hope you will find it interesting.

I will tell you about my work. What does the work of a wedding photographer look like. What do I photograph, what do I talk to my clients about, what do I pay attention to when photographing and briefly about my post production.

I often hear opinions that a wedding photographer has a light job, he comes, takes some pictures and that's it. Unfortunately that's not true. I wish it was so. People who view photos or the bride and groom see 25% of all work.

But I'll start at the beginning.

Wedding photograph

If you have already browsed my website or photo galleries and decided to write an email to me, you know that you need to get to know each other before the wedding. Yes. Two weeks before the wedding, I try to meet my clients. We get to know each other and discuss the wedding day. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, then I’m asking the young couple to send me any information by e-mail, that is:

- what time the preparations begin

-when the ceremony is

- what time the speeches begin

- when the cake will be served

and- what time will be the first dance.

Based on this information, I try to find 30-45 minutes for a short wedding session in wedding day. Remember, I love two forms of such photography, it is the golden hour (1 hour before sunset) and an urban wedding session. I love minimalist architecture combined with a wedding day. But more on that in the next post.

So if everything is agreed, we can meet.

The day before the wedding


Yes, I start my work the day before from preparing my photographic equipment and cleaning SD cards.

This is a very important issue, probably the most important one. Because without working equipment, there are no photos.

As a wedding photographer, I work with two Nikon cameras and two fixed focal length lenses. 50mm and 35mm. Sometimes I hears opinions: "Only 2 lenses and no zoom yet? How?". 


I have my own style of work and my assumptions. 35mm and 50mm for me the two best focal lengths. 35mm is perfect for reportage and 50mm is best for portraiture. Why no zoom? Fixed focal length lenses provide the best image quality. However, the lack of zoom forces the photographer to think creatively. Thanks to this, I’m looking for the perfect frame. ‘My zoom is my legs’. Do I need more? I often see photographers who have a backpack with about 5-8 lenses in it. Looks WOW but in practice it doesn't. First of all, the moment of shooting is the most important. As a wedding photographer, I’m always ready for something to happen, it will be a great moment for a photo, there will be great emotions and I know that such a moment will be if not now, then in moments. With a lot of lens in the backpack, we wonder what to use now? 24mm? Or maybe 85mm? Think that at this time something happens in the wedding hall that gives me a great action. Unfortunately, I don't have it. Why? Because I was changing the lens or wondering which one would be better now. Now you know why 2 cameras and 2 lenses. On the shoulder straps on the left 35mm and the right 50mm. Everything at hand without much fiddling or extra weight.

I'm looking for a emotions, great moments because your wedding is full of them and this is how I create your story.

Wedding day

On the wedding day, I always arrive 30 minutes before the planned preparations but I don't know if you'll see me. First of all, I look around taking some pictures of the wonderful surroundings and the place where you are getting married. I am looking for a place to take photos of wedding details, e.g. a dress. I know that Scottish weather doesn't always allow it, but remember that it's Scotland and the weather likes to change. When I did it, I go to you.

Wedding preparations


It happens that the bride is simply ashamed of the photographer that she is not ready yet in a bathrobe and that should not be so. Not true! Do not worry. My task on this day is to take the best wedding photos for you. So I definitely won't be taking pictures without make-up etc. Of course I'll be in the room then, but there are tons of other things to photograph and fun situations to photograph. During this time, I also take photos of your wedding details such as wedding dress, shoes, jewelry.

In the meantime, I also visit the groom's room who is just getting ready and is also stressed like you.

Wedding ceremony

The most important moment of this day, if not the most important in your life, is saying "YES" to yourself. What am I doing and where am I? I do not know. I really don't know that. Then I am a free electron which is everywhere and photographs mostly moments and emotions. I try to do it so that I am as little visible as possible. This is your day and not mine, so I try not to draw attention to myself.

Your and your family's emotions on your wedding day are really the most important part of the reportage. Pictures are not about setting yourself to the picture, but showing what it really was. And there will certainly be tears of happiness and passionate kisses, generally happiness itself, and I think that you would like to have such wedding shots in your own collection of printed photos.


Group photo, cake and first dance

Later in the day, you spend a nice day and I keep doing my job- photographing. I take pictures of you and your guests. In our free time, we take a group photo and formal photos with whomever you want. With parents, brothers and sisters, friends. I am looking for emotions and original wedding photos.

My work continues until the first dance. Usually, after the first dance, I’m taking you for a short session (of course, if the weather conditions allow it). Why after the first dance? For two reasons. First of all, you are no longer stressed and more relaxed and You've met my work style. Secondly - golden hour. As I wrote before, it is the best time to do a wedding session. The soft golden light gives us a really amazing effect. 

My working time at each wedding is different. Sometimes 8 hours and sometimes 14 hours.

Wedding photographer post production

When my job is done, I come back home. But I don't stop there. In order to sleep peacefully, I make a so-called backup. So all photos that are on the cards are additionally dumped to the computer and to an external hard drive to have two backups to be sure that your photos will not suddenly disappear.

I also use backups at your wedding. I have 2 SD cards in each camera and I make a backup on each of them. Why? A wedding is a day full of emotions that you won't take back. If a card stops working, I have a second one. The wedding day is the most important to you. I know you’ve been planning this for at least a year. Therefore, when choosing a wedding photographer, you need to find a responsible person.


Finally, a short information about the photos.

All photos are taken in RAW format, i.e. photos are raw without any filters. All photos are then edited in the Lightroom program and saved in the online gallery that you get from me. The photos come in two sizes. Big and small. The small size is intended for social media and the large size for printing. It ensures high quality of your photo.

Hope this article helped you get acquainted with my work as a wedding photographer in Scotland. If you have any questions , just write to me email.Regards Paul

A wedding photographer in Scotland