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Scottish Wedding Inspiration 2020


Today's post it will be a little different than the others. Dilemmas of the Bride or in what style to make a wedding? Everyone dreams about something original.

Wedding in the style of a boho? Rustic wedding? Or maybe industrial? In the era of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest we have really great opportunities to draw inspiration.

What did I meet with and what surprised me? This is a fairly frequently asked question of the bride at our meeting.


So I'll tell you what surprised me and what I liked last season and would be the perfect inspiration for the new 2020/2021 wedding season.

Wedding venue

Outdoor wedding ceremony Glasgow - An outdoor wedding ceremony with views of Loch Lomond and Ben Lomond. However, Scottish weather is not as bad as some people say - Ross Priory.


The weather in Scotland has changed a lot lately, and this year's spring is a good example. Don't be afraid to organize your wedding outside. It can be a suprising experience. 


The wedding ceremony organized at Ross Priory stuck in my memory for a long time. A red carpet leading towards the lake, chairs arranged in the open air gives us a fairytale wedding. I heartily recommend! Why can you do the same?

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Wedding in the rustic style

Rustic wedding - another example of a wonderful wedding where guests had fun until dawn is "Majatek Howieny". It was a wedding which took place in Poland.


The beautiful design of the room and the entire complex together with a mini zoo gives us the atmosphere of holiday relaxation combined with a wedding party.


The venue where the wedding took place is a historic wooden cottage - "Dom Modrzewiowy". There was a great party which DJ Baltyk provided us. Tables was full of rural food and regional alcohol - moonshine was a hit. If you are looking for a destination wedding reception in Poland, I highly recommend "Majątek Howienny" – Pomigacze.

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Gothic wedding ceremony

Are you looking for the perfect place for a gothic style wedding ceremony?

University of Glasgow is a jewel on my Glasgow wedding map.

A huge hall and beautiful stained glass in the Gothic style give us a really amazing atmosphere.

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Ideas that I will remember

Singers Secreto- I had the pleasure to watch their work at Dryfesdale Hotel at the wedding of Carolina and Derik. What is it and what does it consist of? Imagine that you are already after the wedding ceremony. You greeted the guests and you sit down to dinner. When your meal is over, you see a waiter suddenly falling over with plates. What are you doing? Of course you help him and you feel sorry for him. And suddenly he gets up, pulls out the microphone and begins to sing. Overall, shock and the guest's faces are priceless! Just thonk about it!

I couldn't keep up with where I should photograph and whom ... so much emotion and laughter. I would highly recommend.

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Horse-cab carriage for the wedding?

Why not? Being at a wonderful wedding at Anvill Hall - Gretna Green, I had the pleasure of photographing the Bride at her fairytale wedding. Two horses pulling the carriage with the princess on one of the most important days in her life. - Great idea. I will also add that after the wedding ceremony couple and their parents release pigeons. Like a dream. And that is how it should be. 

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Idea for wedding sessions.

Have no idea for a wedding session in Scotland? Trust your photographer.

Personally, I try to do quick sessions on my wedding day, but remember Scotland is a very attractive country. A lot of people dream about having photo sessions in the Scottish Highlands. I also offer additional wedding session options. That's how I took my most important picture. Shipwreck, walking young couple on the background of Ben Nevis. Sounds good? And that's how it happened. 


Thanks to this approach, I found myself in the list of the best photographers in the world from the prestigious Looklikefilm magazine. However, the place where the photo was taken was in the list of the 76 best places on the globe for wedding photography.


Scotland gives us a lot of opportunities, so trust the creativity of the photographer and you will not be disappointed.

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I hope this article is helpful. If you are still looking for a wedding photographer in Scotland, I invite you to familiarize yourself with my offer. I work in Glasgow, Edinburgh and all over Scotland.

Regards Paul


Scottish Wedding Inspiration 2020