Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

Stylized / Industrial wedding photo session Scotland


Today it will be different than usual. That is, destination photography.

I waited quite a long time for this, why?

January 2020 I went on an amazing journey from Edinburgh to Warsaw and to the 4MC studio is exactly where Szymon Nykiel and Łukasz Topa known as LMFOTO ran their photography workshops.

I love weddings and destination sessions because I introduce something new to my work every time.

In Warsaw, I met a group of wonderful people who like me photograph weddings around the world. 2 days because it took me so long to stay in a Warsaw studio brought me an amazing effect.

The stylized photo session organized by LMFOTO was perfect.

Beautiful models and styling that has been prepared fits perfectly into the industrial design of 4MC studio.

Great light from a large window and the industrial design of the studio allowed me to fall into the vortex of work. Idea after idea appeared and Patrycja and Mateusz turned out to be great models who easily agreed to my ideas.

A beautifully sewn wedding dress from Sabe wedding dress, a tailor made suit by CRUX Personal Tailoring and make-up made by Eliza Krol was perfect and perfectly suited our models.

Don't you believe me I invite you to watch.


Stylized / Industrial wedding photo session Scotland