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Wedding photo session in Linlithgow Castle, Scotland


Wedding session in Linlithgow Castle, Scotland

First wedding and first wedding session this year. So far the last ... exactly a week later came to Lockdown. But today we won't talk about it.

Wedding session in a different way

March and at the same time typical Scottish weather - some rain, some sun and wind.


Cara and Sam said Yes to the Glasgow City Chambers. This is where civil weddings take place.


The wedding took place with the immediate family, but we also had our own plan. Immediately after the wedding ceremony and group photo in Glasgow Chumbers we escaped to wedding sessions. Only Cara, Sam and I - wedding photographer.

Preparing for the wedding session

Two weeks before the planned wedding, I met Cara and Sam in person and determined the place where the wedding session would take place. The choice fell on Linlithgow Castle.


To be honest, I was looking forward to a huge castle with huge windows and beautiful light - that's what Paul liked most. As a curiosity I will add that the castle was built in the 15th [15] century.

Magic wedding session

From the moment we got there, the smile did not leave my face. In every corner of this castle I had an idea for a wedding couple and my thoughts went into photography mode.

Despite the strong wind, Cara and Sam coped with all my ideas, even crazy ones.


The photo session at Linlithgow Castle took us about 3 hours. When I got home, I had great satisfaction and I was looking forward to sharing this story with you.

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Wedding photo session in Linlithgow Castle, Scotland