Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

Wedding at Kincaid House Milton of Campsie, Kirkintilloch, Scotland


Wedding at Kincaid House Hotel Kirkintilloch Scotland

Kincaid House hotel - near Glasgow is an amazing place that I visited in on of my
photographic journeys. It is located north of Glasgow in Milton of
Campsie where I had the pleasure of photographing Sean & Derek

Wedding photography in a beautiful place

This was not my first photographic visit to the Kincaid House hotel
and I hope not the last. The hotel is adjacent to a magnificent garden
ideal for wedding sessions and has a conservatory in which wedding
ceremonies take place. The glazed room gives us a wonderful natural
window light, which I like the most.

Sean and Derek were getting married in March when the weather
was changing, the sun, rain, snow, in other words classic Scottish
weather, but that didn't stop us.

Wedding photography full of moving moments

The story I will tell you in the reportage depicts the wedding of two
loving people of the same gender.

The day Sean and Derek got married is full of love and joy. There
where tears of happiness and a lot of laughter. Photographing their
wedding, I tried to show as much emotion as possible. That
love my job because I photograph exactly what I see.

After the wedding ceremony, we left the hotel to take a group photo
and some official photos with the family members.

After a successful wedding session in the garden, we went inside the
hotel, where I saw a great idea of decorating a table with cities, which made a really positive impression on me: New York, Dubai,

There were speeches, delicious food that the chef of the Kincaid
House hotel gave us and a magic cake depicting a young couple and
their little friend - Jacob (pug).

Great people and a great place, the dance floor is full until late
evening. Once again, a dose of great music served Graham Moore
with 5 disco stars, which I consider a champion in his field!
I invite you to view the wonderful wedding story of two people,
which I had the pleasure to photograph at the Kincaid House Hotel.

Wedding at Kincaid House Milton of Campsie, Kirkintilloch, Scotland