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Wedding at Dalduff farm Barn - Ayrshire Scotland


Wedding at Dalduff Farm Barn - Ayrshire - Scotland

Have you ever been to a wedding at Dalduff farm? And how about I take you to a very unusual party which was the wedding of Paula and Balazs?



Wedding photographer at unususal party

Dalduff farm - is located in Ayrshire. Located off the beaten track. The farm is a magical place for a perfect wedding. The place charmed me with its rustic style and atmosphere.


Balazs comes from Hungary and some of the wedding guests just came from there.

When I arrived at the farm I knew that Paula and Balazs are preparing everything perfectly.

All information was in two languages and all guests were in great moods.


Despite the Scottish rainy weather, Paula and Balazs were positive. Sometimes umbrellas came in handy but nothing spoiled this wedding which in my memories will remain forever.


The saying "Polish and Hungarian two mates" on this day showed that it is true. As a Polish wedding photographer living in Scotland at this wedding I felt like a family member. Really!

Being at this wedding not only worked well with the camera but also felt like an invited wedding guest.

See how wedding photographer can keep the beautiful moments

Beautiful ceremony, tables full of food and great music played by all known DJ Graham Moore (5 Star Discos)


I do not want to bore you with writing because I am a photographer so I will tell you this story in photos. I invite you to watch. 


See how magical it was. 


Wedding at Dalduff farm Barn - Ayrshire  Scotland