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Magda and Bartek - Destination wedding photographer in Scotland


Destination Wedding photographer in Scotland

This time we are moving to the city of Bialystok in Poland. My first wedding destination. Magda and Bartek wedding took place there. Magda is my sister. Despite the fact that I was a guest I had to take my camera. Why? - the place Majątek Howieny ! I couldn't miss such an opportunity. ''Majatek Howieny '' is a beautiful place where there are a few wedding complexes. This year, the largest wedding barn was opened there that can accommodate 400 people! I had the pleasure to danced and photograph in the "Dworek Modrzewiowy" where an amazing party for 100 people in a rustic style took place. 
But let's start from the beginning. A Polish wedding is different from a British one. The party started in the evening the day before the wedding and ended the day after the wedding at 9pm. Yes, you hear it right. Three days ! 3 days of great fun!
  Did I manage to capture everything in the pictures?
Of course not because at my sister's wedding I was a guest and I had a great time, drank for the health of the bride and groom and danced as much as possible.
Magda and Bartek had a photographer Szymon from LMFOTO who immortalized the day like a master of photography. 

Wedding at Majątek Howieny

Today I will present the stories of one, the most important day for Magda and Bartek, i.e. the wedding day.
Magda took care of every detail of her wedding reception flowers, decorations, a great car and a beautiful wedding dress - I think that wedding planer would perfectly suit her profession. A touching wedding ceremony and reception in Majątek Howieny where the tables were full of food will remain not only in my memory but also for guests. Polish traditional food, Polish vodka, regional moonshine, sour soup and bread with lard. And fun on the wooden floor until dawn, which was led by DJ Bałtyk - that's how I remember this day! And crowing a rooster at 5am. Just perfect.
I invite you to see what I managed to capture on this 


Magda and Bartek - Destination wedding photographer in Scotland