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Jenna and Florin: A Enchanting Wedding at Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow


Jenna and Florin: A Enchanting Wedding at Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow

The Pre-Ceremony Journey: Unveiling the Moments

Jenna and Florin meticulously orchestrated their pre-wedding preparations in two conveniently adjacent locations, both nestled close to the charming Cottiers restaurant. This strategic choice bestowed upon me the freedom to navigate without the constraints of a rigid schedule. Jenna's elegant suite happened to be conveniently situated right across from the venue. Seizing this serendipitous setting, I escorted the bride's resplendent gown to the very hall where the ceremonial magic would unfold. Amidst the ambiance of remarkable lighting and the theater's opulent décor, I captured the gown's grace in its true splendor.

Illumination and Emotion: Crafting Cinematic Frames

The wedding ceremony of Jenny and Florin resonated with heart-stirring emotion—a quintessential essence of wedding photography. The venue, meticulously selected by the couple, added an enchanting allure to the entire photographic narrative. Within the theater's embrace, the interplay of light and shadow transported me into a realm akin to a cinematic masterpiece. Each captured frame held the power of storytelling. Seldom have I experienced such exhilaration while capturing these moments. Upon the conclusion of the shoot, a palpable eagerness encompassed me as I awaited the forthcoming editing process, well aware that the outcome would be nothing short of spectacular.

Enchanting Wedding Photography at the University of Glasgow

In proximity to the Cottiers Restaurant, the University of Glasgow provided an enchanting backdrop for a dedicated wedding photography session with my cherished couple. The locale's breathtaking allure remains unparalleled. Although I have been fortunate to document weddings at the University of Glasgow before, this occasion was a focused photography session. The captured images vividly convey the ambiance and charm of the setting.

Jenna and Florin's wedding celebration exuded undeniable exhilaration, and as a wedding photographer, I reveled in the excitement of curating imagery within this exceptional backdrop. Should you be in pursuit of a wedding photographer in Glasgow, do not hesitate to reach out.


Jenna and Florin: A Enchanting Wedding at Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow