Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding ,Slovakia Zelené pleso Kežmarské

Magda& Bartek

August was really amazing to me! And all thanks to two wonderful people, Magda and Bartosz got married on August 17th in Poland and I could participate in this amazing day, but not only, generally we spent 5 adventurous days together. Thank you for that! Destination photography started with a trip from Glasgow to Bydgoszcz and then to Bialystok where there was a wedding after an intensive two days we moved to Slovakia. Within 5 days I traveled 1800km despite numerous adventures such as a broken car or climbing up with flashlights in the dark, destination sessions and destination wedding are amazing. I love it! Destination wedding photographer is best job ever. We started work at 4:30 in the morning and it was worth it. Why? I invite you to watch!

A few photos from the magical destination wedding of Magda and Bartosz in an amazing place which is Majątek Howieny in Poland. I've never worked in such a fantastic place before. Rustic decor, perfect music played by DJ Paweł Bałtyk, guests partying until dawn. Everyone was happy with Magda and Bartek. If you looking destination wedding check please Majątek Howieny in Poland. Very recomendation! This wedding will stay in my memory for a long time.