Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

Wedding at 29 Private Members club Glasgow

Lauren & Jerome

Wedding at 29 Private Members club Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow Wedding Photography.

Lauren and Jerome were a great couple. They still are, obviously, but they were a great couple to work with on their wedding day. They listened when I told them how much time we needed. They listened when I guided them about group photographs. They took it all on board. The end result? Everything.

Lauren and Jerome tied the knot at the urban city of 29 Private Members Club in the last summertime, which is a modern & stylish wedding venue in the heart of Glasgow.

29 Glasgow was a venue that I had seen popping up on various blogs and I really wanted to shoot there, so when Lauren and Jerome hired me for their wedding there, I was really happy.

Thank you for choosing me - Paul Budzinski wedding photographer!

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