Paul Budziński Wedding Photography

Wedding at University of Glasgow – Wedding receptions

Sophie & Ivan

The wedding of Sophie and Ivan will be rememebred by me for a long time... But let's start from the beginning. I met Sophie in February for a coffee and a chat about her wedding. I knew immediately that it would be something special. The venue, where the ceremony was to take place, was at the University of Glasgow. Huge and beautiful gothic style hall immediately let my imagination run. It wasn't the end of surprises. Sophie comes from China and her fiancée, Ivan, is of Polish origin. They both decided that on their special day there will be several Polish accents such as Polish cake or Polish photographer. I felt really privileged to be with them. May 18th was a beautiful, rain free Saturday day, which is quite rare in Scotland. I felt even more positive after, a few days before the wedding, I received an email from Sophie saying, that group of Polish dancers will perform at the wedding. I was really looking forward to see dancers in traditional Polish costumes, who would dance for and with the guests a very distinctive traditional Polish dance called Polonaise. Something amazing was about to happen! The beginning of the day was really exciting - why? Sophie's preparations took place at her office. An original idea. I have never photographed anything like this before. Makeup, hairstylist, two cameramen and myself, a photographer, in a small, climatic office. After few good shots, I moved to rooms at the University of Glasgow where guests who came from China, Poland, Estonia and even Mexico were already gathering. The ceremony began. Everyone was waiting for the bride who appeared in a beautiful dress with Polish lilies of the valley in bouquet. As a curiosity, I would like to add, that the whole dress was made by hand, while the lilies of the valley were shipped from abroad to the ceremony as it would be a miracle to get them in Scotland. Everything went according to the plan. After the ceremony, of course, we took a few formal photos then we started an hour session. We decided to do something really crazy during it. After I took few wedding photos, the young couple said they would like to move to a bar where they often eat breakfast and then to the library where they meet often. People on the street congratulated young couple while others were surprised at the sight of the bride rushing between road works. After we finished the photos, it was time to move to the restaurant for a festive dinner followed by the Polish dance group "Polonez Bridging Group" who presented us with their performance. Are you curious how it looked through my eyes? I am inviting you to view the photos.